Sidran is born...
Sidran, Inc. began in 1939 producing its' own product line under the name Sidran Sportswear. Our product continued to grow and in the late 1970's became more defined.

Sidran manufactures and wholesales dress slacks, sportcoats and suited separate items for the Western-style clothing retailers. Sidran is the leading producer of these items, servicing all major retailers along with numerous smaller chains and individual stores.

We introduced "Circle S"
In 1978, Sidran introduced the label "Circle S" as tailored men's western wear. This product includes high quality sportcoats and slacks. This line has grown steadily and today represents a large portion of Sidran's commercial business.

We introduced "Cripple Creek"
In the late 1980's, Sidran started producing Western-styled arena jackets. By the Fall of 1994, this product had developed at such a fast pace that we introduced our "Cripple Creek" line of arena jackets and other outerwear. This is a line of high quality, western styled apparel that includes arena jackets, unisex leather jackets and vests, and ladies' leatherwear. Our "Cripple Creek" line has also produced numerous embroidered logo jackets for many of the top Western organizations.